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UPDATE: see the updated version for 2014 here

One of the main reasons people have for packing up and moving to the so called Island of the Gods is that you can enjoy a great lifestyle here at a fraction of the price that you can in your home country.

Although Bali is getting more expensive every year, it still has a whole lot of value to offer for the money.  What sort of budget you will need to live on will depend on your lifestyle, but it is possible to live both very cheaply and very lavishly in Bali.  

Here the guide will be focusing on the lower cost side , so you can tell what things are available for if you are willing to put in the effort to try to get them for that price. The thing about Bali is things will either take up your time or your money, your decision.

How To Use This Guide

This is a guide that will help you to understand the bare minimum prices, or local prices for haggling purposes.  Some of these prices may seem very low, although they are possible to attain, but don’t get upset if you can’t work the person down to the price listed here, as it is just a starting point. Also, these are prices that pertain to places like local warungs and traditional markets.  If you plan to eat out more at restaurants and shop at supermarkets then you should check out the cost of living guide for Bali at Nomad4Ever.com as well. Also, some questions like “how much does a house cost?” is similar to asking, “how long is a piece of string?”.  There is no definitive answer but the highs and lows have been covered here.

All the prices for the things below have been listed in Rupiah first.  To find out what the equivalent in US Dollars, Australian Dollars and Euros, just scroll to the right in the box below.

All conversion rates are current as of December 15th, 2010.

UPDATE: see the updated version for 2014 here


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