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An Insider’s Guide to the Isle of the Gods

Get to know Bali through the eyes, ears and tastebuds of seasoned expats who know Bali best.

Travel and enjoy Bali like a local.

The best of Bali is hidden from view. Sure, the beaches are great and some of the tourist spots are fun too. But the best things about Bali take years to discover and once you find them, you’ll fall in love!¬†

The most romantic picnic spots, the best local foods, the amazing views. All of these you’ll find only here in the Bali Manual.


Secret Spots, Cheap Eats and Incredible Deals

That’s why you came to Bali, is it not? The delicious, exotic foods. An ice-cold coconut and an unspoiled view. The tranquil sound of water flowing through a rice paddy while you’re getting a massage. It’s all here, it’s all possible and affordable in Bali.¬†

You just have to know where to look.

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