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Fuel Prices to Rise in Indonesia by 33% on April 1st - This is No April Fools Joke

Fuel Price will be raised by 33% in Indonesia starting on April 1st.

While not quite so common on the island of Bali, anybody that has spent any amount of time in Indonesia knows that riots in the streets of places like Jakarta are all too common of a sight. Problems of a political nature both large and small can cause massive riots on the streets with thousands of locals protesting and expressing their feelings of oppression. The latest cause for protest has been none other than the rising price of gas, scheduled to rise to rp 6,000 per liter from rp 4,500 per liter (a 33% increase) that will begin on April 1st. The road up to the price hike has been rocky and uncertain like most things in Indonesia with the final decision only being agreed upon just before the date when it was set to be carried out. Understanding the price hike though requires understanding of the fuel situation in Indonesia as a whole.