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Expert Consultation from a Long-Time Bali Expat

If you’re here right now it’s because you read my book and are really serious about moving to Bali.

I tried my best to cover as many topics as possible in the book but there is just no way that I could cover every single question a person might have and still keep it under 10,000 pages.

That is why I have decided to go a step further if you still have many questions about your upcoming move to Bali.


Before You Move, Make Sure You Are Prepared

Many people don’t even realize before it is too late that there are so many things that they still have no idea about. You will be doing yourself a huge disservice by not arming yourself with the best information available before moving to Bali.

Fortunately for you, I can help walk you through all of those problems. I have helped dozens of people make the move already and they are now all living happily on the island.



I used to do consultations for people, online and offline.

Sadly, I don’t have the time for that anymore. So I’ve handed things over to my trusted friend Mike who lives here as well. I’ll leave it to him to continue the conversation and to display what he can offer to you: