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Contact me for a consultation

Thank you for wanting to book a consulting session - you are making a great step towards an easier transition to your new life in Bali.

There are two different pricing options:

  • half an hour for $39.99
  • a full hour for $69.99

The consultations that I offer are in principle online, via Skype or Whatsapp.

Live consultations are possible too (subject to availability - I might be travelling). The requirements for such a meeting are:

a) you should be able to come to Kerobokan, Bali
b) only those who purchase an hour are eligible


Contact me through the form below to reserve a time for us to talk.

Please include:

  • whether you want a Skype or a live consultation
  • any details that are of importance (preferred date & time, timezone, ...)
  • your Skype ID if needed
  • a brief list of the questions you have. (This helps us maximize our time together, and in the event that I don't know the answer to one of your questions, I can track it down before we get on the phone.)

(Please note that Bali is on GMT+8. To find out how that compares to your timezone, you can use this simple tool: thetimezoneconverter.com. On the right, type Denpasar (or any other city in Bali). On the left should be your local time.)

Kerobokan, Bali



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