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Is Bali Still a Good Place to Live as an Expat?

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Ask an expat or long-term resident of Bali how much the island has changed in the last 10 years, and you’ll get a hundred different answers. Many will tell you about how much more traffic there is now. Others will tell you about how much more expensive things are, and how a Bintang used to cost 50 cents. Most of them will talk about the “good ol’ days”.

Then some of the more positive expats will talk about how the internet and infrastructure has improved drastically in the past 10 years. Or how many more and varied facilities for everything from sports to leisure are available on the island. Or the vast selection of food and restaurants now available from practically every country around the world.

All of the examples above are completely true, although many expats will choose to answer that question while focusing solely on the positives or the negatives.

After recently spending several months away from Bali while traveling, upon my return I was forced to reassess the island of Bali and expat life here in a whole new light. I’ve always truly loved living in Bali, but being able to compare it so directly to so many new places exposed a few of the island’s shortcomings. Those shortcomings were easy to recognize while away, but when I returned, I remembered immediately why so many expats call Bali home. (more…)

Where are All of the Balinese People in Bali?


As traffic grows more congested and the air and level of noise becomes more polluted, people are often asking themselves why they come to Bali in the first place. For many people the answer is simple, the people and their culture. The Balinese people have probably been the most instrumental thing in making the island the tourist attraction that it has become. That is why some people are so confused as why they don’t seem to really cross paths with many Balinese while out and about during their stay in Bali. (more…)

Reasons to be in Bali


One of the first things to consider when moving to any new place, not just Bali, is what are your specific reasons for moving there?  One of the great things about Bali is that it has something to offer just about everyone.  Many people decide to move to Bali to enjoy a much more relaxed lifestyle, although that will require some amount of money as a cushion to support your relaxing and carefree lifestyle.  Bali is a cheap place to live but you can easily spend a lot of money in a short amount of time if you don’t plan things well.

Getting to Know Your Bali Neighborhood

Now that you have found your dream house it is time to start making things feel like home.  Even though you may be thousands of miles away from what you really consider to be home, the Balinese will generally do a good job at making you feel accepted in your new house and neighborhood.

One of the worst things that you could do if you plan on staying in an area for an extended period of time is to not get acquainted with your neighbors.  In many western countries your neighbors are simply the people that live next door to you that wave to once in a while entering or leaving your house.  In Bali there is a much stronger sense of community and that all works together to keep things running smoothly and keeping the neighborhood safe.

Rentals in Bali: Finding a House or a Villa

When discussing how to get something done in Bali, you usually have two choices: do you want to spend your time or do you want to spend your money?

This couldn’t be truer than when applied to looking for a place to live in Bali (whether you're searching for rentals in Bali or places to buy).  There is accommodation to suit every budget here and there are also helpers to accommodate every budget here.

Rentals in Bali

In this article, we'll be mainly talking about Bali house rentals, although I say a few words about actually buying a property.

Real estate agents

By far the most expensive way to go would be to go through one of the many real estate agents that are available here in Bali.  These businesses thrive on the fact that we, as westerners would generally not think of handling something like this in our own country without someone like that acting as the middleman.

In Bali however, these middlemen are not really necessary and will do nothing but add to the price of your accommodation.

How to start looking for a house

Your best bet is to think first about your budget, the area you want to live in and what sort of amenities you need in your living space.  There are certain publications like the Bali Advertiser, which is the weekly expat newspaper with many ads of houses for rent, but often they are priced with the western budget in mind.