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Is Bali Still a Good Place to Live as an Expat?

Is Bali Still a Good Place to Live as an Expat?

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Ask an expat or long-term resident of Bali how much the island has changed in the last 10 years, and you’ll get a hundred different answers. Many will tell you about how much more traffic there is now. Others will tell you about how much more expensive things are, and how a Bintang used to cost 50 cents. Most of them will talk about the “good ol’ days”.

Then some of the more positive expats will talk about how the internet and infrastructure has improved drastically in the past 10 years. Or how many more and varied facilities for everything from sports to leisure are available on the island. Or the vast selection of food and restaurants now available from practically every country around the world.

All of the examples above are completely true, although many expats will choose to answer that question while focusing solely on the positives or the negatives.

After recently spending several months away from Bali while traveling, upon my return I was forced to reassess the island of Bali and expat life here in a whole new light. I’ve always truly loved living in Bali, but being able to compare it so directly to so many new places exposed a few of the island’s shortcomings. Those shortcomings were easy to recognize while away, but when I returned, I remembered immediately why so many expats call Bali home. Continue Reading

Moving to Bali Guide

EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Moving to Bali – Finally in One Place Eyes open. A warm morning breeze blows in from the ocean, bringing the salty scent and sounds of the crashing waves into your room. Another day of your new life in Bali begins. Outside on the balcony of your beachside villa,… Continue Reading

Large Earthquake Hits Bali on October 13th 2011

It happens all of a sudden with barely enough time for you to prepare anything before running out of your house. An Earthquake hits without warning and is finished almost as soon as it started. Such an earthquake hit Bali today and luckily it was not as devastating as some of the other earthquakes that… Continue Reading

Making the Decision to Move to Bali

Making the Decision to Move to Bali

After deciding what your reason is for making the transition to Bali is, you need to think long and hard whether moving there is really the right decision for you.  This section is in no way trying to convince anyone to not make the move, but it is a pretty big situation and one that… Continue Reading

How to Get around in Bali