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Prepaid Electricity in Bali - The Advantages Over the Old, Post-Paid System

The electricity coming into your house is going to be a big part of your happiness or misery while living in Bali. When everything is working as it should then you will be able to power your fans and AC to keep you comfortable as well as your computer, internet, TV and other devices for your entertainment purposes. If you have shoddy electrical wiring or you don’t have the appropriate electrical capacity then you will spend most days cursing the powers that be for your troubles. There is nothing worse than having to make sure you shut off certain appliances just so you can use others without your power going out. Unfortunately some houses are built and set up with insufficient capacities. A hot topic has been the prepaid meters and whether they are a good idea or not. Having just moved into a house with one, I want to document my experience with them.