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Getting Internet in Bali

Probably the most consistently complained about aspect of living in Bali, besides possibly the traffic, is the unbearably slow internet speed and the high price of such a slow service.  It can really be a thorn in your side especially if you are coming from a country that has blazing fast internet for about $30 a month.

The thing to understand is that Bali and for the most part Indonesia as a whole simply does not have the sort of infrastructure to be able to support many of these forms of internet that we are used to and that sort of technology is expensive.  While you may curse the high price of your slow internet compared to your home country, you must also think if the house or villa that you are living in would be available for such a low price in your home country as well.

Eventually the slower pace of things in Bali will set in and you will get used to it, but the good news is that Internet is getting better and better by the day in Bali.  Let’s take a look at some of the internet options available today.  Note that this only covers the provides for the southern area of Bali. (more…)