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The book is now our ‘Bible’ regarding moving to Bali

We had no doubts buying the book because the price is very reasonable. The book is now our ‘Bible’ regarding moving to Bali, lol.

The specific feature I liked most about this bookis definitely the Visa issue. We were concerned about overstaying.

Three other benefits of the book

If I would have to name three other benefits of the book, they would be the information about: looking for a place to live, banking issues and transportation.

I would recommend this book as it is thorough and very user friendly. Also, with your contact details it enables us to ask any questions that we would probably be too scared to track down an ex-pat and ask, lol.

The only thing missing is the issue of electricity and water (utilities) for when you find a place to live – do you pay for these additionally?

As my husband and I are only in our forties, we still have a long way to go until retirement, however, we found the research and your information extremely viable in keeping our heads out of the clouds and firmly within the realms of what to expect and how we should prepare ourselves leading up to living in Bali.

– Leza Wheeler



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