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Indonesian Abbreviations for House Hunting Explained


Just like in your country, when placing real estate ads in the paper, Indonesians will abbreviate so that they can save space.

Trying to find a house in a paper that is printed in a language that you don't speak is hard enough, but it is even harder when things are abbreviated and you can't look them up in the dictionary.

So here is a list of some common terms that are often found in the newspapers when looking for houses:

kmr - kamar - room

lt - lantai - floor (level)

kt – kamar tidur – bedroom

km – kamar mandi – bathroom

rt – ruang tamu – guest room

dpr – dapur – kitchen

tmn – taman – yard

kbn – kebun – garden

listrik - electricity

garase – garage

dkt - dekat – near

dpn – depan – front

blkng – belakang – back or rear

lebar – wide

hub – hubungi – contact

bs – bisa - can

dgn – dengan – with

byr – bayar - pay

jl – jalan – street

hrg – harga - price

hrg bs nego – harga bisa nego – price is negotiable

lengkap – complete

jt – juta – million

thn – tahun – year

kontrakan – extended rental or lease

rmh- rumah – house

prmhn – perumahan – housing complex or compound

lokasi – location

hp – handphone – cellphone (given as a contact number)

bpk – bapak – sir (title for man usually followed by their name, for contact purposes)


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