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Consultation (NEW LAYOUT) - 6 - Testimonials


“I was nervous about many things before moving to Bali but after calling Steve with all of my questions, I made the move in complete confidence. Steve knew all of the answers to my questions and even took notes while we talked and sent them to me afterwards. I was so much more prepared after talking with him, it was incredible.” – Adam from Perth, Australia

“I was being relocated to Bali for work but my company did not arrange housing for me. Steve found me an amazing house that I love in a great neighborhood and got me a price much lower than my neighbors are paying. I told him what I needed and on the day I landed in Bali he had a whole list of amazing places for me to look at. 100% worth the money!” –  Bryan from Los Angeles, CA

“When I called Steve I had a long list of strange and random questions but he had detailed answers for every one of them. I have put his advice to use while here in Bali and so far his advice has been spot on about everything. Talking to him has made my new life here in Bali much, much easier.”  - Emma from Sydney, Australia

"I was planning on buying a beautiful house in Bali and contacted Steve about the process. I knew I was going to be using my girlfriend's name and that we would be getting married a few months later. Steve recommended a better strategy for the purchase of the home which not only made it much more legally sound, but it saved us thousands of dollars in fees for the purchase. This consulting service is definitely money well spent." - Nigel from London

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