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Consultation (NEW LAYOUT) - 3 - Topics

I can help with these topics:

  • Finding a house (I can let you in on some of the best house hunting secrets available on the island)
  • Land deals and legal issues surrounding the buying process
  • Choosing an area to live in
  • Starting a business
  • What type of visa to be on and how to make and extend your visa
  • How to avoid overpaying, being scammed and getting ripped off
  • Transportation and how to get around the island
  • How to react in situations that are culturally confusing
  • Learning to speak Indonesian and interpreting documents written in Indonesian
  • Relationship and marriage issues and advice


Even if you just have an abstract problem that is making you feel uneasy, more often than not, I will know exactly what is going on. Things in Bali tend to work in cycles and repetition and I have a knack for figuring out what is really going on just by hearing your story.


  • Are you worried that your upcoming land deal is a scam? -  I can feel it out and let you know. I may even have connections to the people you are in contact with
  • Are you suspicious that your Bali partner is not who they say they are or has a hidden agenda? -  I know all the telltale signs and have an unmatched intuition on the subject
  • Have you been given some information that sounds shady? -  Let me verify for you whether it is legit or not
  • Anything else that you are worried about but don’t know who to ask?  - I’m here to help. If you never ask, then you’ll never know.


Contact me for a consultation here

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