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Consultation (NEW LAYOUT) - 2 - My name is Mike

Hello, my name is Mike

At Mt Rinjani

Me at Mt. Rinjani


I'm a friend of Steve living in Bali.

Originally from Pennsylvania, US, I now live in Kerobokan, Bali. I have been spending time on the "Island of the Gods" for quite a few years now.

I'm a photographer for a living (and I give some private english lessons as well).

I also own a website called BalitoLombok.org, which gives information on how to get from Bali to the neighboring island of Lombok.

And in my free time, I frequently go off roading with all my Balinese friends, so that has shown me some remarkable places that most tourists will never get to see.


I'm taking over the consulting from Steve

This can take the form of either a Skype consultation, or a live consultation after you've arrived in Bali.


Contact me for a consultation here


Let's have a look at what specifically I can help you with:

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