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by Steve Carrole

Bali Apartments - Monthly Rentals for a Good Price

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Bali monthly rentals: apartments

When most people make their initial move to Bali, they can be a bit confused about where they will stay while they are searching for their new dream home. Hotels can become quite expensive after a while for anything clean and decent, not to mention the fact that they are located in touristy areas (not everyone’s thing).

The amount of monthly rentals available in Bali (besides expensive villas) are not many, so many people end up scratching their heads as to where they will stay. The good news is there are actually lots of nice little places, called a Kos that can offer you everything you need for that time period. (more…)

by Steve Carrole

Rentals in Bali: Finding a House or a Villa

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When discussing how to get something done in Bali, you usually have two choices: do you want to spend your time or do you want to spend your money?

This couldn’t be truer than when applied to looking for a place to live in Bali (whether you're searching for rentals in Bali or places to buy).  There is accommodation to suit every budget here and there are also helpers to accommodate every budget here.

Rentals in Bali

In this article, we'll be mainly talking about Bali house rentals, although I say a few words about actually buying a property.

Real estate agents

By far the most expensive way to go would be to go through one of the many real estate agents that are available here in Bali.  These businesses thrive on the fact that we, as westerners would generally not think of handling something like this in our own country without someone like that acting as the middleman.

In Bali however, these middlemen are not really necessary and will do nothing but add to the price of your accommodation.

How to start looking for a house

Your best bet is to think first about your budget, the area you want to live in and what sort of amenities you need in your living space.  There are certain publications like the Bali Advertiser, which is the weekly expat newspaper with many ads of houses for rent, but often they are priced with the western budget in mind.

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