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Alcohol Banned in Bali? Say It Ain't So!

  Just last week, many expats, tourists and local boozehounds received a big shock when it was announced that there is currently a bill in place to ban alcohol in Indonesia. While definitely shocking, it is important to take a look at the facts before we start getting carried away, stockpiling bottles of Bintang or […]

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Soul-Searching and Outdoor Adventures: Bali is for Everybody

  This is a guest post from Jason Lowder at Internations.org   Ever since Julia Roberts went soul-searching in Bali’s paradise and managed to snatch up Javier Bardem in “Eat, Pray, Love”, the destination has gained considerable popularity. But whether you visit Bali for a vacation or quick get-away or are staying to experience life […]

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Christmas Day in Bali for Expats

It is the Christmas season again and just like every year, Bali is CROWDED. Hotels are full to capacity, traffic is congested (even more so than usual) yet somehow it just doesn’t quite feel like Christmas. For North Americans traveling to Bali for Christmas this is due to the extreme heat and unsurprising lack of […]

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Moving to Bali Guide

EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Moving to Bali - Finally in One Place Note: ebook updated february 2018. visa section totally renewed updated all prices new chapters on residency /citizenship, taxes, ... more info on finances more info on looking for accomodation expanded health & healthcare section... 50+ pictures added & more... Eyes open. […]

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The Bali Balance - A Lesson in Instant Karma

  The sense of balance that many people feel in Bali is one of the reasons that I would put above almost all others as a reason to be here. Despite the problems that affect Bali from all angles, the island is able to pull off an impressive balancing act that needs to be viewed […]

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Bahasa Indonesia SMS Abbreviations Explained

  Bahasa Indonesia is said to be one of the easiest languages in the world to learn. While true for the most part, Bahasa Indonesia has its own unique challenges to be conquered on the quest to fluency. Many people will take a class and get to a comfortable level of fluency in the classroom […]

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Masuk Angin - The Wind That Infected an Entire Nation

After several years in Bali learning about the language and culture several of my friends like to joke that I’ve “gone native”. Everyone has a different definition of going native and whether it is a positive or negative thing but that’s all relative. Sure, I eat rice with my hand (right hand only) most of […]

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Meeting Made in Bali - A New Short Film to Begin Production on the Island

By now most people that are interested in Bali have seen the Julia Roberts movie Eat, Pray, Love. While probably the most high-profile movie to ever feature Bali in such length, lots of real Bali enthusiasts left feeling like the movie didn’t totally represent the Bali that they have come to know over the years. […]

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Bali Revelations - How Being Away From a Place Can Teach You More Than Being There

  At some point, every long-term, foreign resident of Bali eventually has to leave for one reason or another. In my time here I’ve yet to meet anyone who has spent a substantial amount of time on the island without ever having left, although that is mostly just a visa issue. As I type this, […]

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Prepaid Electricity in Bali - The Advantages Over the Old, Post-Paid System

The electricity coming into your house is going to be a big part of your happiness or misery while living in Bali. When everything is working as it should then you will be able to power your fans and AC to keep you comfortable as well as your computer, internet, TV and other devices for […]

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